Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Packing and bitching

I'm STILL pissed off about that article about the Texas legislature. Especially the part about how the two leaders were BOTH Republicans and they STILL couldn't get their shit together. Oh man, y'all. I really fear for the US. It's going back in time, to the 50's or so. Abortion will once again be illegal, and the people segregated this time will be gays. And it will be illegal for gay people to adopt all the babies that women are forced to have because abortion is illegal, but those pig fuckers who enacted the laws are also to OLD and too SELFISH to adopt these babies themselves. They certainly won't make birth control or morning after pills easier to get, because that's just immoral, isn't it, and you bad, evil women should practice abstinence like all the good Christian men do. (God save those innocent men from those sexual cheerleaders!) And there will be all these moms with kids they can't afford to take care of or give good health care to, because GUESS WHO CUT SOCIAL BENEFITS? But hey, at least gas is still pretty cheap! And the chuck wagon is the state vehicle!

OK, forcibly removing self from soap box. (Yes Dad, your daughter is a Damned Liberal. But she still loves you.)

So, I'm packing for my trip to London, and have decided, come hell or high water (though in London, this would be cold rain...and rain) that I am bringing sandals to wear. So I dig out my favorite pair of sandals. (You can see them on my feet in the link.) I love those sandals, from Aerosoles, when I used to buy Aerosoles shoes by the half dozen pair (buy 5 get 6th 1/2 off!) at Barton Creek Mall. They are brown, soft and oh so comfy. (I got them in black too, but those pretty fell apart while on my feet.)

And I realized...that trip to Egypt last August was the last time I wore them. They still have Egyptian sand and camel shit on them.

And I am packing them just as they are, sand, shit and all. How cool to walk around London with camel shit from Egypt on your feet? (Well, cool and also kind of gross, but still, in a literary Hemingway-esque way, really cool.)

Now I just have to find my favorite floaty skirt...and I wonder if I should pack the djellaba? Hmm...I sense ethnic motif in my packing this time.

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