Thursday, June 02, 2005

Greetings from London. I love being evil in a different country. Today's humorous guy-begging- for-money quote: "I'm not homeless and I'm not hungry, I just want drugs, man!"

My Swedish blogging pal FoFuSa has tagged me with some questions. I think she's a nosy bugger, but whatever, I guess I'll answer. (Actually my husband called me all excited and he was like "Hey, that Snafu blog has a bunch of questions on her blog you are supposed to answer", like it was really important homework or something. Fo, I think he has a crush on you. He reads your blog RELIGIOUSLY.)

Answers, forthwith. Fofusa wants to know the following about lil' ol' me.

1. How are you able to travel so much? Trust fund? Lottery winnings? Selling your body on the street?
Yes. To all. I am a trust fund lucky bastard whore. The whoring? I just enjoy it, don't really need the money, what with the Trust Fund and the lottery winnings.

2. What do you like most about living in Norway?
The water. The color of the sky, when it's blue. The quality of the light. This dinner in a box meal kit by Toro, Indisk Chicken Curry, that rocks my world.

3. If you had to choose which would you give up? Computers including Internet or Television?
Bitch. That's a hard question! I guess TV. Computers and internet are my lifeline to home, friends and family now. Surpasses the phone. Plus I get almost ALL my news of the 'net as well.

4. What color of underwear do you have on right now?
Leopard spotted with pink lace trim. They itch, though.

5. Write a rhyme about you and me.
This girl in Sweden
Some answers was needin'
About Karla, who she met
On the internet.

The girl was FoFuSa
With hair like Medusa
A wit that was sly
And a humor that's wry.

So here's your damn poem
Though I'm a long way from home.
See how I'm dedicated?
Though maybe I should be medicated.

(Just so you know, I wrote that poem, one draft, no pauses, and right off the top of my goofy fuzzy head. Yep, that's talent.) (And the quip about Medusa? Not an insult, really, you have long curly mop head like me. We can tease each other, right?)

I don't have time to think up questions for other folks, but will do some once I get home on Monday. Wonder who my victims will be? BWAH hahahahahaha.

PS Dave, tomorrow I wear the Bad Monkey t-shirt, photos to come. Will look for Elizabeth Hurley.

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