Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mr. Smelly Man

I went last night to see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" at the theatre. I liked it, personally, especially as pound for pound you really get your money's worth of cushy lips and strong jaw lines.

My friend Jennifer accompanied me. As we got settled, we noticed a smell coming from near us. Since they assign the seating here, we could not move, but damn, somebody was smelling rank as hell. Jennifer sniffed the guy next to her, but could not tell if it was coming ffom him. But it was definitely stinky person smell, and it was in the theater. We just decidedto do our best to ignore it, and luckily the movie was entertaining enough to help us forget.

About half way through the movie, Jennifer went to the bathroom. As she came back, she was half laughing and half gagging and she told me that the smell was coming from a guy FIVE ROWS DOWN FROM US!

Five freaking rows down! That guy smelled so bad we were gagging five rows away! How on earth did his family and the folks around him handle it? Wouldn't one of them tell him to take a shower? He smelled up the whole theatre. What a pig.


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