Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lust (chair porn)

IMG_00000691.jpg by karlakp
IMG_00000691.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
I want this chair. It would fit my house perfectly.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Satanic Selfie

IMG_00000002.jpg by karlakp
IMG_00000002.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
Before the Gary Numan show I took this pic, which came out way evil than I intended. Scaaaaary eyes

Gary Numan

IMG_00000677.jpg by karlakp
IMG_00000677.jpg, a photo by karlakp on Flickr.
In which I saw Gary Numan last night, and was so close I could hear him singing without the mic.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I invented the selfie

Yeah,  I said it. I invented the selfie.

Here's proof.

An entire blog (abandoned ages ago), dedicated to my big ass head in front of small (by comparison) landmarks, most all photos taken as selfies, before the dang term "selfie" ever existed. I was ahead of my time.

You are welcome world.

Royalties to be sent c/o The Texpatriate.

Music, a blog recommendation, upcoming travel and random stuff

Random post about stuff I am into right now.

  • Gary Numan's latest Album, "Splinter". Kicking my ass with the gothy synthy dancey goodness. I almost can't listen to it in the car. It makes me drive too fast.
  • NIN's latest, "Hesitation Marks". See above.
  • This blog. She's a friend of mine, ok, well, my friend Anne's older sister, who was always WAY too cool for me when I was in high school, I mean, she was a cheerleader and drove a Porsche, but holy crap this is the funniest blog and man can she write. Last few times I've seen her, I was all like, "Dude, I'm older now, and I'm cool like you, too, and you're dang funny and STILL gorgeous". I almost still feel shy around her. I guess we always remain teenagers to some degree. Anyhow, she had me lol'ing with some of her observations.
  • My friend Anne, she's so kick ass, and has been a lifesaver for me on my return to Texas. I'm taking her to see Gary Numan tonight.
  • I should repeat, I AM SEEING GARY NUMAN TONIGHT. I have wanted to see him live for YEARS, and all that time in Norway I never managed to make it to London for one of his gigs, and then, bang, here he is in Houston, in conjunction with SXSW. Yeah, I'm psyched.
  • (Girl Moment) WHAT WILL I WEAR????
  • My car. I still love my car. I am going to do some racing soon, at Texas World Speedway. Well, first some classes, THEN some racing. Best if you stay away from College Station in April.
  • I'm going to London next week. Yippee! Booked myself into a posh hotel (they had a pay 2 nights get 3 deal) and then a week of work meetings and then a weekend with my favorite youngest cousin (as opposed to my favorite older cousins) Vard in Winchester.
  • Strange to say, going back to Europe/UK feels as if I am getting an escape card back to civilization. Texas has been a bit hard on me lately, what with the ridiculous political ads on TV and the never ending far right rhetoric. I need a break.
  • I'm working out again, doing the weights, it's been hard getting back into it, but I have put on a few of the many pounds I lost and I'll be damned if I am going to buy MORE new clothes for yet another change in ass size, so nipping that in the bud (butt) and getting back on the weights.
  • That being said, ouch. I worked hard on shoulders and legs yesterday.
  • I got my hairs did. Cut off, to the shoulder, and blonded. I rather love it, though it is a big change, though as I work with mostly men, NO ONE  has said anything. Hmph. Men.
  • Rich is back in the US, back in Texas. Already has a job, a car and of course, the house and me. Living with someone again after 14 months of being alone is a bit strange, and we are having to adjust, but well, we neither of us are perfect (though at least I don't snore like  a warthog)(love you dear) so we will figure it out.
  • And repeat of above: WHAT WILL I WEAR TONIGHT????!!!!