Sunday, June 05, 2005

In which Karen gets a date

We went to Toto's for dinner Friday night. It was good. It's in a building which used to belong to Lady Clementine, Winston Churchill's wife. The showpiece of the restaurant was a huge fireplace surround, carved wood, dated 1559, which had been given to Churchill by the Dutch government. Itwas too big for her house, so she left it there for the restaurant, as she was their landlady when it first opened. It also has a very beautiful huge murano glass chandelier, which I took a camera-phone picture of and will post when I get home.

I had a lobster pasta, it was very light, just tomatoes and spring onions with bits of lobster. Karen had a veal something. We both had a buffalo mozzarella salad, and shared a bottle of wine. It was a good meal and the service was perfect.

So perfect, in fact, that we shut the joint down and were invited to join the manager for a glass of champagne after closing. The waiters are an international lot, being from Brazil, Morocco, Italy, etc. None that I saw were British.

The manager is from Sicily and sounds exactly like what you would expect a Godfather to sound like. A very philosophical man who loves the ballet and opera.

Karen got a date with him. She's such a stud. They are having lunch on Tuesday at Scalini's, another very posh Italian place. I figure at the rate she's going, she might well have all her food needs taken care of until she leaves London at the end of the month.

Today we are going on a London Walks tour of "Subterranean London" and thence to try to get into Spencer House.

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