Friday, June 03, 2005

Stream of Consciousness Bullshit

I'm still in London. Today we (me and Karen) did a walking tour of Soho, had a very acceptable burger at Hamburger Union, and then walked all the fuck over London. Damn, that Karen is a SLAVE DRIVER. My feet are killing me. From Soho, we walked to St. Paul's, thence south to the Tate Modern (awesome) and then alllll the way down to St. James, past Buckingham Palace and over to Shepherd's Market.

I'd never been to Shepherd's Market or the Tate Modern, so that was cool. We had a couple of beers at Shepherd's Market, and after that at a chocolate shop I bought the world's most expensive cookies. Two cookies cost 4.50£. Yeah, that's like $8 for two cookies. They looked better than they tasted. Good chocolate, but at $4.00 per cookie, I pretty much expect an orgasm the second I bite into it.

That did not happen. Damn.

Tonight we are going to Toto's for dinner (Italian). I'm starving. Out reservations are for 8:30, which is early for Europeans and damn late for a Texan who is already cooking dinner by 5. Ah well, when in Italian.

Tomorrow the fabulous Ben and I will go shopping (Rich, don't worry, Ben will buy stuff and I will be advisor.) Then in the evening we might all hit Soho and some bars. I like bars.

Anyone who knows me might have noticed I have had a few glasses of wine already tonight. Ahem.

Karen and I have reached the epitome of laziness. When one of us says something the other doesn't like (which is every other utterance), instead of actually physically flipping each other off, we will just say "finger". If Karen embarks on yet ANOTHER boring story, I just say "yawn". If my story grosses her out, she says "barf". If the music is good, and it moves me, I just say "dance". We think it's a new, improved way of communication. The wave of the future. "Bullshit".

But, like I said, I've had some wine. God I love London.

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