Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Creative stuff

I used to be a fairly good decorative painter. I worked with some interior designers and did some large scale stenciling and painting projects for some high end houses in the Austin area. I enjoyed it, and luckily I don't have a fear of ladders, so working on those 10 foot ceilings held no angst for me. My favorite part was designing the stencils themselves, there was something almost mathematical about it, as it has to be quite precise and it's hard to make the edges match up in a pattern.

I decided to get my art on and do a little painting in the new joint. There are all these big white walls everywhere, I just want to paint one, is that so wrong?

I dug out a cool leaf stencil that I used on another project, and am going to do that on the dining area wall. It's just one wall that faces out onto the rest of the room. Similar to the picture, it will be a pearlescent, damask effect, so you really only notice it as light and shadow and a bit of gleam, no color or anything. It will just be random falling leaves and I will free hand some swooping branches and twigs to tie the leaves together.

It's been thrilling to get my old painting stuff out again. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I have done nothing in three or four years,and I'd forgotten how good it feels to have that brush in my hand again, and to smell the paint. The jewelry making has been a creative outlet, but I really like painting and stenciling, as well, as it's messier and a little more physical. I can jam, crank the music, dance, paint. I'm totally psyched about this. I finally get to stencil a wall in my own house, instead of it being in someone else's!

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