Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"This Is Your Brain On Blogs"

Fofusa over at Dark Grey Sheep decided to innaugurate her new web address with a 24 hour Blogathon. She lives in Sweden, and I now have photographic proof that living in a Scandinavian country makes you go a little apeshit. (Not that you didn't know that from pictures of me already!) I managed to capture some screenshots of Fo in her natural blogging habitat. I stole the pictures off her webcam by taking screen shots. (To be fair, this was her last hour of her 24 hour blogathon, so she can be rightly excused for being insane.....)

In order of photos we have:

Fo as a lopsided Princess Leia with a boy toy on her head. Madonna could learn a thing or two from this woman!

Fo with a bowl on her head. She says its "convenient for storage when you are finished with your breakfast cereal". (Works for haircuts, too, if you turn it over, but then you spill the milk). She also says she has a "flat head".

I am not sure how a stuffed hippo and an American flag came together and landed on her head, but, like I said, Sweden...crazy-making, 'nuff said?

An Evil Princess Leia with a Doily. Austin Powers will be on your doorstep soon, with his mutated sea bass, to take you out, you evil internet taker-overer, you!

And the last picture is FoFuSa, in her last few moments of her blogathon. Her zit cream was really working at this point.

I think she's on to something, though. This morning, she had my whole attention: I had her blog up, her chat room running AND her webcam going, plus I was taking screen shots and emailing them to her. I was busier than a cat trying to bury its poo on a marble floor. The way I see it, she will take over the internet by basically keeping us all so busy pandering to her bloggy whims, we will not be able to eat, drink coffee or otherwise live our lives, and bam! she wins! That is truly truly evil. I am still marginally evil-er, in that I recognized her foul deeds and exposed them for what they are, but still, she's one to watch!

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