Thursday, June 09, 2005

Secret's Out

I told Rich where we are going for his birthday tonight. I wasn't planning on it. I was actually going to post it here and then let him read it at work the next day.


I had a margarita and have just eaten, I have a tummy full of food, and am hat and fappy. So, when he asked, for the thousandth time, where we are going, I finally gave in. I handed him four travel guides (one each for Istanbul, Dubrovnik, the Baltic States and Venice) and told him to pick the one he thought we were going to. (We will eventually get to all of them, which is why I bought all those books.)

Finally, his last choice was the correct one.


Yee--fucking--ha! In the top ten of my personal "must go" places. Equally high on his list as well.

So, Richard, for your big 4-oh, we go to Venice.

Happy Birthday. I love you. We'll open your presents when we get there, ok?

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