Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I have hay fever or something and am sneezing like a..a...sneezy thing. I don't sneeze normal and cute, either. I make noises that usually sound like "AAcheee..bleacchk". Gurrk. Sniff.

I like to sneeze. It's fun.

That was not the point of this post, however.
My friend Buffie is leaving Norway, and I went to a lunch for her today. It was so nice, just a few friends, a nice (slightly strenuous) hike up a hill, then a wonderful meal whipped together by my friend Judy. I was a bit trepidatious of the walk, when Judy, leading us on the trail, pointed WAY THE HELL UP and said "That's where we're going". After bending my neck back as far as it would go, I finally saw the top of the hill of which she spoke, and thought "Oh. Shit."

But it wasn't actually all that bad. We chatted and hiked, and luckily we all seemed to be in the same shape, so there were a few pauses when chatting, breathing and hiking just would not mix, and the chatting, with us, always wins. And to chat one needs breath, so we stopped to catch it while talking.

After the walk, which once we got to the top afforded some GORGEOUS views of the fjord and Baerum, we headed back to Judy's and ate and ate and ate. It was so yummy. We somehow managed to keep it light and funny, though to be honest, in my head, I was all "Dude, I'm totally gonna miss Buffie".

So, Buffie, here's to you, and your new life in Nigeria. May you be internet scammer free, find me all sorts of cool beads and may you be safe and happy in your new African adventure.

We'll all miss you. But we'll see you soon, in the UK. Girl trip!

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