Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Still no success on the software/drivers/getting pics off my camera and into computer issue. I have no idea what else to do. Even Rich has looked at it, and no luck. I am also EXTREMELY annoyed with the place I bought the cable/software, as I asked for the Nokia cable, and instead of giving me the REAL Nokia cable, the one that works with the Nokia software that I found online at the Nokia site, I instead have a fakey generic one that works with...nothing. And cost me over $50 to boot.

It's like asking for a Rolex, getting a Rilex, but they tell you it's the same thing. Pig fuckers. And I got it in London. So I can't return it. I tried calling them, to express my dissaatisfaction ("Why did I not get the Nokia cord and instead was given the generic one? Why did no one tell me there was more than one option? Why would they not assist me, as I obviously had many questions when I bought it and I was relying on them, the 'experts', to give me all the info? Can I send it back? Why would they sell something so substandard?") Don't, whatever you do, shop at The Link, ok? Fuckers.

My mom emailed me and said I use the word "fuck" too much.

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