Friday, June 10, 2005

It's a Tie!

The wierdest thing happened.

I clicked back onto the blog, to see where the stats were at, and there it was, big
Ten Thousand.

Right in mid whoop, as I'm whooping and hollering, Rich called me, saying, "Hey! I think I am number 10,000! When I went on-line, to check your blog, it said 10,000!" Wow, that's CRAZY, right, that he would be the one? (Besides being the One one, you know what I mean.)

Then Eileen posts a comment, that SHE was 10,000. Hmm. What's up?

So I checked the sitemeter stats, and I'll be damned if you guys did not go onto the blog at the EXACT SAME SECOND.

And now it seems stuck at 10,000. So you BOTH were ten thousand, though, when I go back to the Sitemeter thingy, it does say that officially Rich gets 10,000, wtih Eileen being 9999. Which is actually cooler than 10,000, in some ways as it's kind of like 6666 upside down, which is WAY evil. Eviler than evil, all things being evil.
So, Eileen, you get Extra Special Evil Minion status. official badge of evil
Because I think you broke my counter thingy. See? Evil already. Evil from afar. Ooouuh, are you in league with Kjersti to overthrow me so soon?

Rich, you get......well, maybe I won't mention what you get, it's not appropriate for a family blog such as this. But you'll always be my 10!

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