Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Four Costumed Krauts

Image047.jpg, posted by karlakp.

I was walking thru Hyde Park, and right there, on the big roundabout was a large stage set with a full orchestra. Hmm, interesting. Playing Beethoven. OK, so I'm not used, in general, to seeing orchestras on roundabouts, but hey, it's London, they do strange things sometimes.
Then I turned around and saw these guys. Four guys dressed as 18th century German gentleman. They seemed happy, just sitting there all in a line, in the sun in their wigs, waistcoats and buckled shoes.
I curtsied (my skirt was long and full) and asked if I could take a picture. They said "Of course, Fraulein", and I snapped them with my camera phone.
They got up and bowed.
Just another normal London moment.

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