Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Right now? Not so proud to be a Texan.

News taken directly from the 'net:

"Texas lawmakers accomplished the one job they were constitutionally required to do: passing a state budget. They also placed more restrictions on abortion, gave Texas voters a say in banning gay marriage and declared the chuck wagon the state's official vehicle during their 140 day session that ends today. But Texas schoolchildren will have to wait. Lawmakers failed to agree on the marquee issue of 79th Legislature pumping more money into public schools while replacing Texas' share the wealth education funding system. Despite a last-minute surge of activity, House-Senate negotiations petered out over the weekend. The two Republican leaders, House Speaker Tom Craddick and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, were at loggerheads, and the finger-pointing began."

Good thing they got that chuckwagon issue figured out, I was really worried, there.

And now for the small print, which is mostly cursing: Stupid ass fuckers, the lot of them. May they all burn in the hell of MY choice, which right now consists of lots of gay people waving down at them from Heaven going, "Nyah Nyah! Jesus wore a dress too, you assholes!". GAH!

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