Friday, July 10, 2020

Well, what the hell. I got alerted by a friend (Hi Ren Maddox!) that a strange post showed up here so I had to remember how to log in and now I am remembering how to blog again.

Ironically now I am a full time writer (or more properly a "proposal analyst") so the last thing I want to do is write, but here I am. But most of the writing I do is boring techy stuff and I spend my days chasing people to GET ME TECHNICAL CONTENT SO I CAN MAKE IT PRETTY BY DEADLINE and honestly I just feel like a glorified pain in the ass with a fancy title. I wouldn't work if I didn't have to. Right now I have to. Maybe later I won't.

Ok, so it's been a REALLY big few years for me, so I think maybe I'll just do a bullet post kind of thing.

I'm not actually sure how far back to go. Hmm, let's see.

  • I think maybe I posted about the big, rather strange but lovely house I bought in Houston?
  • The big one on the lake with the views and the kitchen to die for and all the fancy mod cons one could hope for?
  • Yeah, sold that. 
  • And separated from the husband
  • And moved into a little 1930's bungalow in central Houston while I went through the divorce process.
  • Divorce was final in June 2019
  • In July I moved back to the little house in Austin. 
  • (I sure loved that little bungalow in Houston, though, that was actually a really nice time and the Houston Inner Loop is a great place to live)
  • The house was the only thing I fought for in the divorce, Rich got everything else. 
  • He wasn't happy about the divorce, but we have ended up bring pretty amicable. 
  • I still love him but we just weren't working anymore
  • We grew apart. 
  • So here I am.
  • I got a job in Austin and am fixing the house back up slowly but surely.
  • I built a carport and driveway
  • Am installing a Japanese garden
  • Redid floors and painted and built in bookshelves and got Ikea closets because I still have a giant wardrobe,
  • (I got rid of half my wardrobe in the moves, and it is still huge)
  • The job got really intense once the Covid hit and now I am working crazy hours trying to keep up
  • But we got a 20% pay cut, so it feels like I'm working extra for so much less money than I should get
  • The oil crash hit my family and lots of my friends hard
  • Poverty sucks. 
  • Oh did I mention that my dad died in 2017 and we moved my mom to Texas the next winter?? Yeah, that happened too. 
  • It's been a really tough few years, y'all.
  • I mean, ALL the things happened. 
  • So for Christmas 2019, before 2020 and Covid and poverty and oil crashes and pay cuts happened, I bought my dream car. 
  • My gift to myself.  
  • For making it through what  I thought was the worst years that had ever happened to me (until 202 fucking hit, I mean, seriously.
  • 2016 Porsche Cayman (981) with 6 MT, Porsche sport exhaust and it's freaking yellow. Isn't it beautiful? I've wanted one since the first time I saw one many years ago. And it's MINE. All MINE!!!!!!

  • So there you have my past few years in a nutshell. who knows, maybe I'll post more. Or not. Last thing I want to do lately is stare at a laptop.

  • I've also forgotten how to blog, I used to be pretty good at this, not so much anymore.
    How the hell are you?????