Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's been a long time...anyone here?

It's been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. Sorry about that. I guess, you know, life, has gotten in the way.

But lately it seems like life has just gotten so out of this world insane, I really don't know what to think anymore.

.....Rant begins.......

To whit...Trump. And the election. I mean, holy shit, what the fuck, and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

The world has gone bat shit insane. Anyone else feeling this way? I dread looking at Facebook and Twitter, I dread watching the evening news, I dread the headlines on the NYT,  the Wash Post, The Houston Chronicle. I hate seeing that squashy wet-lipped orange faced badly coiffed person on TV that apparently has become our president. (I am going to say he is NOT MY PRESIDENT. He may be THE President but he is not MY President.)

When did the idiots start to rule the roost? When did rudeness, bullying, indecency, misogyny, proud stupidity, selfishness and racism become ok? When did it become ok to pander to Russia, and ignore ethics, and pretend like science isn't real, and that women aren't humans, and that the Constitution doesn't matter?

When I went to visit my folks a couple weeks ago, I noticed a new proliferation of Confederate flags flying proudly in front of quite a few homes there. New flags. Obviously recently bought because these people now feel like it's ok to be openly racist. Now I know the Ozarks are not exactly at the forefront of progressive thinking, but holy shit, I actually felt scared to be a Democrat there. Like if I flew a rainbow flag, I'd be shot. (I guess it's the opposite, here in Houston if you flew a Confederate flag in front of your house, you'd likely get some bullet holes in your walls but at the same time, Houston is multi-cultural, diverse and we fight pretty hard to stay that way here! We know what that Confederate flag means, and it sure as hell doesn't mean unity.)

The irony of the Ozarks and their non-progressiveness is that a whole hell of a lot of the people living there are supported in some way shape or form by a government program that was initiated by, you guessed it, Democrats. There's a lot of big families supported by Welfare and Medicaid. Old folks on Social Security. Old folks using the HELL out of their Medicare. Old folks in nursing homes (my dad being one of them) paid for my Medicare. Yet these are the same folks who voted for Trump thinking he will bring them jobs and will Make America Great Again. These people don't realize the Trump HATES them. HATES THEM! He just said what they wanted to hear. And they fell for it. Because they want a "change" (Let's face it, they just want a change from a black man who was President.) Trump is a fucking jester in a court of idiots. He said what they wanted to hear, it was all a joke and now these people voted him in (to be sure, a quirk of the Electoral College and not reflective of True Democracy).

So when Social Security gets cut..... And Welfare gets cut...... And Medicare and Medicaid gets cut..... Who is going to have to pay to support their parents, or these people who will starve because they cut food stamps, or the sick people that won't get the treatments they need? Why it will be me, the Democrat, who will take care of them. I will fill in the gaps that my dad needs in the nursing home. I'll help my mom pay her bills. I'll pay my taxes into a system that doesn't help me, where the money goes to the military industrial complex, and to support rich assholes clamoring to become the 1%, and I will do what I need to do for my family who misguidedly voted this asshole in, because I love them.

But that doesn't mean that I will be supportive of people who vote for people like Trump, even if they are family. I love them, but I will not excuse their vote. When Trump fucks up my family, I will take care of them because that is what love is. But I will fight Trump and his policies tooth and nail. I will march. I will call. I will write letters. I will show up at the offices of slimeballs like Ted Cruz and show them that what they are trying to do is NOT OK. Maybe at some point I will get arrested. Fine. I think it is about time that we all get some damned Rosa Parks action going and stand up for what we believe. This fight is no longer about black people getting their rights, women preserving their rights, or LGBT rights. We are now in a to the death fight for HUMAN RIGHTS and we need to come together as PEOPLE, as HUMANS and make sure that the Powers that Be (though only for the next two years because WE WILL VOTE THEIR ASSES OUT) know that we are ON TO THEM and we aren't going to let this stand.

.....end rant......

I am off to New Zealand for two weeks this Sunday. I can't fucking wait. I can't wait for the trip but I also can't wait to get out of this miasma of anger and frustration and confusion that we all feel. I am shutting off all social media and I am going to just be a person exploring and learning.

The person I used to be. The person I miss.

She's coming back.