Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Frog OFF already!

Have you guys in the US heard of the crazy frog yet?

The crazy frog is a cartoon that goes along with an ad for a ring tone you can download on your phone. This friggin' frog has a tiny little penis and rides around on a pretend moped making really horridly annoying "ba ding ding ding" moped nosies. It's horrid, and ugly and one of those things that, unfortunately, gets stuck in your head until you want to put a gun to it and blow your brains out, just to Make. The. Noise. Stop.

It's also a smash hit. Apparently all the 13 year olds with cell phones and WAAY too much allowance money have usurped the world of good music and put this crap in the charts. The ring tone was made into a dance song and it was number one in the UK. The ad, when it plays there, has the tiny little penis blacked out with a black bar. We, in liberal enlightened Scandinavia, get to see the penis. Joy.

I want the frog to die. Die a lurid, bloody painful death in a violent moped accident. Or maybe, get stepped on, as apparently other people want as well. Please, please, KILL the FROG!

Update! Update! Froggy in BIG trouble in the UK! Teehee!

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