Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wildest Imaginings


On June 17th it will be my one year Blogiversary.** When I started this blog, it was basically a way for me to consolidate my stories about my traveling for my friends, all in one place, so that I would not have to email all the time. I also wanted a place to put pictures, and the occasional snarky comment. I basically just wanted an online diary, for my own fun, and others, should they choose to read. I had no idea how addictive it would become, and honestly, how necessary for my sanity. I think blogging has gone a long way to making me a little more satisfied with my expat experience, something with which I have been struggling with over the past few years. I feel connected, now, and maybe a bit more understood, too. There are others who feel the way I do. Thank you for your support, it has meant so much.

I think it has turned out the way I envisioned it, this personal adventure of blogging. I certainly have learned that blogging, with its quick commentary, the short "slice of life" story, is ideally suited to my writing style. I like that some folks think I am funny.....*I* think I am funny, of course, but then the voices in my head tell me many things. So it's nice to have outside confirmation that at times, yes, I can be funny.

What has blown me away, and this was something I never expected, is that it looks like I might reach the 10,000 readers mark by my one year anniversary as well.

THAT blows my mind.

Ten Thousand Hits. Here. To lil' ol' me? Wow. I know, I KNOW I am small fry as far as blogs go, but 10,000 was my big, bad "Wow what if?" number. Ten frigging thousand.

Do me a favor: If you are checking the blog, and the number 10,000 comes up when you are on here, leave a comment, ok? Tell me where you are reading from and who you are (you can send an email if you prefer to be private) and I will celebrate you and your being number 10,000 somehow....ok?

**Um, in the interest of marital happiness, I suppose I should mention that June is also a big month for two other reasons: my 12th wedding anniversary, which is the 26th, and Rich's 40th birthday, which is the 13th. I am whisking him off for a surprise for his b-day, which I cannot post about yet, as he obviously reads this blog. Damn nosy husband......

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