Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Piazza San Marco

Image064.jpg, posted by karlakp.

Phome cam picture of Piazza San Marco.

If you are wigged out by birds, you will be ducking alot when you walk around there. The birds are everywhere...crazy. I was always afraid they would land on me.

The Piazza has not changed in 300 years...It was awe inspiring and I admit I got teary eyed on my first view of it. It's one of those elemental sights, where you go, "Oh, yes, I know this", because you have seen images of it so many times. It's in your brain already. To finally see it in person is overwhelming. I was definitely whelmed. Rich laughed as I wiped away the tears, then put his arm around me, like "Yeah, my wife's an emotional dork".


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