Friday, June 24, 2005

Three Years

The last time I used the air conditioner in my car was June, 2002. Now that I think about it, that was almost exactly three years ago.

Then we sent the car over to Norway, and the heater became the important thing, the AC being a distantly remembered dream.

But yesterday...I needed the A/C! I used it for its intended purpose, which was to cool me off. Holy crapping crap, how wonderful that was to sit in the warm car and feel the cold air pouring out of the vents onto my sweaty face. Just like at home.

Except that "hot" here is 80 degrees and everyone is running around practically naked and sweltering. Admittedly, houses are not air conditioned, and it CAN get warm in an area where there is no breeze. I tried on some clothes at a shop in Oslo yesterday and thought I would DIE being trapped in that sweatly little closet sized room with no air and hot bodies everywhere. Peeewwwuuuu! Stinky people everywhere. No way to cool off. Except to get outside and into the breeze.

Summer is here! I can use my air conditioner! Well, a couple of times, at least!

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