Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Back from London

Hullo. I'm back from London.

For some reason my neck is out of whack, and I can't really move my head, which is vastly annoying when trying to nod yes or no. I guess I'll just stare straight ahead and say "maybe". Anyhow, while I go take a hot bath, do some stretching and get Rich to rub my neck, here is a hilariously wierd website for you to check out:

Rent A German.

My new cell phone (the one I had to buy to replace the one that got stolen) has a camera in it. I messed around taking pictures in London, and I am really quite pleased with the shots I got. Well, pleased, at least, from what I can tell from the 1 inch square screen on my phone. If they look anything near as good big as they look small, this phone cam thing will be my new obsession. I bought a scarily expensive USB cord (comes with software by Kondor, eek) to use to download the pics from phone onto my computer. I will go fuss around with that for a few hours or so, get frustrated, have my neck sieze up, and go have a margarita in frustration and pique.

So, there's my day all planned out. And how are you?

Ah, and Tracey tagged me, but it's one that I have already done, so, please excuse me for being a lazy bastard, but here is a link to the post for the previous tagging. Nothing has really changed, except the last CD I bought (well, Rich bought it but I told him to) was the new NIN and the new Moby. And my first concert? Don't laugh. Quiet Riot. I tagged Bookhart on that previous posting, and I think that tagging will still stand, as she now has a blog and can do it. Plus her musical taste is so much cooler than mine.

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