Saturday, June 18, 2005

IF you have testosterone you may not understand this post.

When is too many...too many?

Like, shoes for instance. What number is too many? I mean, we've all heard of Imelda Marcos, right? How many did she have?

So, I'm organizing and cleaning out stuff for our move, and having promised hubby-poo that I would clean out some shoes, I think I have gotten rid of about 12 pair. That's pretty good, all told. I still have LOTS left, however.

Out of curiosity, I decided to count how many pairs of black shoes I have left. (These are black shoes remaining after the 10 pairs I just got rid of.)

Is, um, 45 pairs of black shoes too much? (Down from 55?) This doesn't include the ones that are black and white, or black mixed with other colors. Or any other colors of shoes. Purely black. I figure that 12 pairs of shoes I'm getting rid of is right about 10% of my shoe total. That's good right? Getting rid of 10% of your stuff?

Or am I just a shoe-aholic?

Anyhow, there's 12 pairs of size 9 1/2's (size 41 for you Euro types, 7 for you Brits) up for grabs. Anyone? Anyone?

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