Monday, June 20, 2005

Details and more details

One thing Norwegian bureaucrats and "officials" LOVE is lots of paperwork. Since we are moving house, and also since we are resident aliens (though I've misplaced my ship, dammit) we get to do LOTS of paperwork in the nexxt month.

We have to: Change to the new address with the tax office, the post office, the immigrants' office and the health care system. We have to get our new work permit/resident stamps, as they are due in July. But we aren't sure about the new work permit stuff, as since our address will change, and the application is still under the old address, which do we do first, address or apply for new visa?

I have been wrestling with the cable company and so far, I have been able to cancel service at the old place (yet I still get to pay for service for another month and a half, isn't that nice? Yes, they turn off the cable July 1, but I get to pay over $100 bucks for service I won't GET through August 15. Cable companies suck WORLDWIDE.). I have not, however, been able to determine who offers service in the new place, how to get it to the flat, and then there is question if the building is even wired for it. As it is a brand new building, I would assume things like cable and internet are in the walls, there, somewhere, but all these Norwegians sure are playing dumb, or maybe it's "Shhhh, don't tell the Americans, let's fuck with them for a bit". And I have a feeling the new landlord is that absentee type who won't EVER contact us personally. I just get the feeling. So that's frustrating.

Then to get the DSL switched over, well, it would not seem to be too hard, except Nextgentel only seems to have ONE person answering their phones, and that guy was on break, because every time I call I am number 25 in line, and that does not change. I never move up in the line. However, it's VERY easy to get through to the sales office, but for transfers, moves, cancellations, etc, it's like you are in a black hole. Which explains WHY Nexgentel boasts it has so many ones can get in but the old ones CAN'T GET OUT.

We are also working on our US taxes. On of the shittiest, most absolutley idiotic things about being an American is that America is the ONLY country in the WORLD that requires its citizens, no matter where they live, to file for US taxes every year. Considering that we pay something like 51% taxes to Norway right now, I would like to see the US even try to take more money from us, but even so, doing the taxes themselves costs time money and not a little aggravation. So here's a big "fuck you" to George Bush, the IRS, whoever it was that decided that folks not making money in the US should still have to file, and, just because I can, I am pointing an extra finger at the cable and internet companies here in Norway for being so money-grabbing and not offering any customer assistance when you need it. Telenor, Canal Digital and Nextgentel? This means you.

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