Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Stream of Consciousness BS

this Mac I'm usng has a very soft keyboard and I tend to type like I'm on one of those old portable manual typewriters. In other words, I do nott have a soft touch and this keyboard is not happy with me. So sorry for the many mistakes that will happen.

So, random dork moment of the day: Mom and I went into Springfield for our Mother And Daughter Shopping And Lunch Day today. We went to Tj Maxx (the one in Springfield is the best one ANYWHERE, it totally rocks) and leaving the store I ran smack into the door. In my defense it did say "Automatic Door" right there on the door..but it was one of those automatic doors where you have to push the buton to the side, you know? Anyhow, I saw the sign, kept walking and smacked right into it with a resounding, store silencing crash. Mom is STILL busting out into giggles, even three hours later. I'm so glad I can enterrtain her. I think I give her much pleasure, lately, with my totally nutburger activities.

While shopping I indulged and bought a full set of 380 thread count sheets. I sort of have a sheet and bed linens fetish, I LOVE buying sheets and things for the bed. It's been a long LONG time since I had indulged my fetish, since in Norway king sized beds don't exist. Oh but it's so nice to re-awaken my interior design side and buy some pretty thngs for the bed. As for how to get them home? Well, I've got over a montth to ffigure that out, so I'll worry about that LATER.

A bunch of big thunderstorms and wind rolled through here last night, it was COOL. I haven't had a good ol' head-knocking, house rattling t-storm in ages. There were alot of tornadoes around, too, though obviously not here. I will admit I had a small pile of things next to the basement stairs, JUST IN CASE. Passport, wallet, cowboy boots, backpack with computer and jewelry. So these are the important things in my life, apparently. The storms pounded through for most of the night, and today was very windy and blustery and ASS cold. Which pisses me off, as I brought mostlyy pretty light weight stuff. Certainly not anything suited for a Norwegian style Blue Norther. Mom gave me a pretty kicck ass camel hair coat, though, so I'll stay cozy.

Tomorow it will remain ccold, though I will commence the drive south to Austin. It's a 12 hour drive. I get to go through Oklahoma. It's wild driving through there. I take turnpikes almost all the way, and the speed limis seem to be a mere suggestion, as everyone (including me, gleefully) goes 90 mph ++. On the way I pass through the area where those F5 tornadoes hit back in, oh what was it, 97? The ones that totally destroyed a whole outlet mall and a large portion of Moore Oklahoma? I had actually shopped there before, and now its just a huge expanse of concrete. Crazy.

My posting will be sporadic, as my laptop just WILL NOT connect to the net wirelessly. I can get oonto the wireless networks, no problem, but getting an IP address once I'm in the network is just not happening. I'd have to assign it manually each time. What a pain in the ass. I read something about getting some Windows updates to make it work, but in order to do that I need to be online, and well, that's kind of not happening, so it's all catch-22. It's just getting more and more tempting to buy the Mac. For now, until I figure out a solution, my computer is just a large expensive flat brick. It's library time for me when I want to post, I guess.

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