Thursday, November 03, 2005


What is today, Thursday? God I've lost all track of time. It's November now, right? It doesn't feel like it. Usually by now, here in Norge, it's snowing and ass cold. But it's just raining and yesterday (the first day in a week when it didn't rain) I was BOILING HOT in my sweater and tweed jacket. It was probably almost 60 degrees. Wierd fall weather for hereabouts. Just strange.

I've had a day to mope, a day to shop (but didn't find anything) and dinner out with a friend, to help me regroup and feel a bit better. Now I just have to figure out "what's next?" What am I going to do with my time here in Norway now?

I'm kind of pissed because in thinking we'd be going to Dubai, we did not plan our Christmas trip, which would have been to Bangkok. Now that it looks like we can go again, the cost of flights has gone up so tremendously it's not even funny. Around $2000 each round trip. So it turns out we can't go after all. God it's annoying. Apparently Christmas is the most popular time for people in Scandinavia to go to Thailand. What about those of us who want to visit family? Airline bastards, greedy Gus's.

I've signed on to do a jewelry sale in two weeks. Which means I must needs sit down and actually make some stuff. It seems some ladies requested I come sell my stuff, which does make me feel good. So I guess I better live up to the promise and have something to sell. I haven't made anything in quite a few months, what with moving, traveling, worrying, stressing and general chaos. It will be soothing to just dive in and get my hands busy on some creative projects.

That necklace on the left, there, is one of my favorites. I made it to sell, but then realized I liked it so much that I'm keeping it. I've had quite a few requests for duplicates. Guess that should be on the list....and yes, MOM, I know that you are on that list as well. (She totally tried stealing it from me, and I actually had to hide it so she wouldn't "accidentally" find it after I left!)

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