Thursday, November 17, 2005

Harry Potter! Harry Potter!

I've got tickets to see the latest Harry Potter movie on Saturday evening.

To say I'm, hell, it doesn't even come close. I saw the last one three times in the theatres (once in Amsterdam at the gorgeous Tuschinski theatre, once in London and once here) and I was totally excited each time. I have the DVD now, as well as the DVD's of the two previous ones.

I don't know why all that Harry Potter stuff gets me, but I guess it's just because it's such an elemental story that in many ways we can all relate to. A boy who thinks he's average and nothing special suddenly becomes a hero. A bit like Cinderella, that.

Plus, is Daniel Radcliffe growing up cute or what?

Anyhow, yes, Saturday I get to see Harry Potter!!!! I'm more excited about this movie than I am about Christmas.

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