Thursday, November 17, 2005

A meme! A meme!

I haven't found a meme I've been interested in doing for a while, but I finally found one. I stolded it from Cy. AND I'm tagging two people with it. So, Bookhart, you were bitching about the lack of memes, so you are officially tagged. And Kjersti, you too.

8 Firsts.
First Best Friend: I'm lucky enough to have two. Lula and Bookhart.
First Kiss: A guy named Lee. In the parking garage in the Galleria, Houston.
First Screen Name: karlagodwoman
First Pet: A white German Shepherd name Muschi. I was a real little kid.
First Piercing: Ear.
First Crush: A guy named Andy. 7th grade. God my tastes have definitely grown.
First CD: Robert Plant, Principle of Moments.
First Car: 1967 Corvair Convertible. Yellow. Very loud engine, dual carbed. I called it "The Pleasuredome".

7 Lasts.
Last alcoholic beverage: wine. Now.
Last Car Ride: Tuesday, with my friend Judy. I am car free now.
Last Kiss: Yesterday.
Last Movie Seen: Tuesday. Elizabethtown. I give it a 5 outta 10.
Last Phone Call: Mom.
Last CD played: The new Madonna. Some of those songs kick ass. Others, not so much. I give it a 7.5 outta 10.

6 Have You Evers.

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Which time?
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not arrested, but there was a warrant out for me.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes. Numerously.
Have You Ever Been in love: Yes.

5 Things.
5 Things You're Wearing: red cord pants, black and white striped t-shirt, black chenille sweater, red/white/black Mephisto sneakers, black underwear
5 Things You Did Yesterday: slept late, danced, blogged, made popcorn the old fashioned way, had a nice hot bath.
5 Things You Can't Live Without: my computer, my friends, my family, my hair goop, my glasses.
5 places You've Been: Prague, Marrakech, The Nile, Malta, Texas.

3 People You Can Tell *Almost* Anything To (in no particular order).

1. Bookhart
2. Lula
3. My mom.

2 Choices.
1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: Hot.

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