Monday, November 21, 2005

Wierdo magnet

....or maybe I should say "collector of interesting people".

On my flight from Oslo I had....... a guy who sang out loud to every freaking song he heard, a musician coming home from being on tour who was giving me the eye something fierce and wore overalls and a Rex Harrison hat, an old man who commented loudly and wrongly on EVERY GODDAMN landmass he saw from the plane, and a flight attendant who tickled my feet whenever he walked by. (I was lucky enough to get a row of seats to myself and so could stretch out).

The crazy thing about this is, I have actually had my feet tickled by the SAME guy on a previous flight. I totally remembered him as the foot tickler, and then he goes and does it again! I hated it the first time he did it, so to have to endure it again? impertinent!

A foot fetishist flight attendant. Things like this only happen to me, I swear.

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