Sunday, November 20, 2005

decisions decisions

I'm going to the States this week. My first Thanksgiving in four years. Woo!

I haven't packed yet. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I've got some decisions to make, you see. My original plane ticket would have given me about two weeks in good ol' Texas. But honestly, I've been stressed to the MAX about how I won't have enough time to get a bunch of stuff done, like, basically spruce up our house after years of not neglect, but definite slacking. Yard, interior paint, some landscaping issues, etc etc. Two weeks. Also fit in catching up with friends, family and other stuff( like a party, teehee) and you have one stretched out Karla. Oy. I tried changing the return date on my ticket to get some extra time, but guess what? There's a little clause that says "If you don't use this ticket exactly as listed, it becomes a useless piece of toilet paper. NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER. You're fucked."


But wait....what the hell have I been saving up all these frequent flyer miles for? I've got quite a few of them now. Aren't they supposed to be used for rewards or something?

And, indeed, they are. Now if someone would explain to me why it is SO much easier to get a ticket with frequent flyer miles that is totally flexible, you can have 10 days before you confirm, and completely changeable, when if you are paying for it, they make it so inflexible and complex it's almost crazy making, I'd appreciate it. Seriously. I was AMAZED at how easy it was to get a round trip ticket with my miles from Houston to Oslo. Took about 10 minutes. We batted around some dates, me and Ross the Airline Guy, and boom, I've got an extended stay in the US. Possibly until mid January! (It would mean giving up our trip to Italy, but frankly, right now, Austin appeals more to me than anywhere.) This way I'd be skipping the return portion of the ticket I have now, but that money is already spent and gone, and this new ticket is totally free. And it also gets me back to Houston in October. Who knows, maybe by then I wouldn't need a return to Oslo again.....

Whatever. It means that I miss the darkest days of the year here, and honestly, I could use the break from Norway. I haven't been enjoying it much here lately.

Now the big question: Anyone in Austin need some Christmas help? I can get a JOB! I'm very experienced at gift wrapping, being charming, and I bet I'd make a cute, if oversized, Santa's Helper! It would be GREAT to have a job again, if only a temp one! Speaking to people in English, saying "Hi Y'all! and chatting small talk to strangers (which is just NOT done in Norway) sounds awful nice right now. (Good Lord, I sound like a Wal-Mart greeter right there, don't I? Sorry, Wal-Mart, I'm a Target kinda gal.)

None of this is set in stone, yet, this ticket change. I have 10 days before I confirm. I can still come back as planned. But right now Rich is looking up a ticket to come join me in Austin in late December or early January. If he does find one, then I am staying on for sure. It would be his first time back in Texas in three 1/2 years. And Rich is getting a bit excited about the idea of Barbecue. He loves him the brisket.

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