Monday, November 07, 2005

Upcoming travel

It seems as though my goal of traveling every month this year will come true. (I need to make a run down of where and when I've been this year. I think I can figure it out by checking my credit card statements!)

Anyhow, I'll be in the States over Thanksgiving through part of December. Rich isn't able to come. (And convenient for him, too, as it's basically a work trip for me. I think he just wanted to escape the yard work and cleaning out the garage.) We'll spend Chistmas here (a bit of a bummer as it will be pretty damned lonely and everything will be closed for DAYS) but right after that Rich has booked us a trip to Italy, Milan and Turin. It was a case of "Where does RyanAir go cheapest on these dates?" and voila! It's Milan.

Don't feel bad for Rich, like I'm leaving him behind while I travel around. He gets to go places too. Like Egypt. For work. He doesn't seem to be too upset.

In other news, we actually went for a walk yesterday. The first in weeks. It was the first day the rain let up enough for that to happen. It was a nice walk, and it looks like I might get to repeat the experience today.

The jewelry making is coming along. I made a bunch of fun hand made glass bead and Thai silver bracelets. All in bright colors. Now I am making what most people come to me for, funky necklaces made of pearls and silver. These are not traditional pearl necklaces by any means, as I figure you can get one of those anywhere. Mine tend to be made with bits dangling here and there, the pearls a bit rougher and not so formal. I especially like pearls in earthy tones all mixed up, to be worn with jeans and warm colors or purples and greens. I'm also into circles and chains mixed in with the pearls. Makes it a little punk.

I'll put up some pictures later today or tomorrow.

Right now, though, I need COFFEE.

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