Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just doin' what I do best....

Two of my favorite things to do (and things at which, frankly, I'm pretty durn good at) are getting people drunk and making jewelry.

Last night I got to combine the two and I think it was a heckuvalotta fun.

I had a Ladies Drinks Evening for the members of the "wives' club" of my husband's company. It was a small, but dedicated, turnout. We managed to tear through all the wine, dance to Madonna's newest, talk about all sorts of girl stuff, and, of course, play with jewelry which I had made. Our ages ranged from 28 to 48. But we all acted like teenagers. It was a fun time. Some people bought some stuff, some didn't, some oohed and aahed, and some gave me the devil sign and told me to back off because they'd be in trouble if they bought YET ANOTHER thing from me. Teehee. I've become everyone's favorite tempting indulgence. I'm like the Willie Wonka of GirlLand.

I also invited the ladies from my favorite shop, called Noa Noa, to come show some of their stuff, and it gave them a chance to meet some of us expats (though I discovered that the two who came weren't Norwegian, either, so we had no Norwegians at the party whatsoever!) The clothes that store carries are incredible. Very historically based, whimsical, classic yet funky, and the fabrics and colors are AMAZING. It's fairly expensive, but it can't be beat if you want something that's just that little bit out of the ordinary. It's the only place I've found in Norway the stands out from the crowd in terms of uniqueness. And they ended up loving my jewelry as well, which I was happy about. I think it fits the style of the store well. I want to keep the jewelry making strictly hobby, for now, but I would enjoy making some things customized for specific clothing collections, and so forth. What fun! What a great challenge! And what great experience for when I get back to the States!

The only problem with my "getting people drunk" talent is that in so doing, I usually end up drunk myself. And today, I am oh-so-paying for that talent. Oh Lord, please take the upper portion of my head and just lop it right off, won't you? It really really hurts. I hope it stops hurting in time for Harry Potter tonight at 5:30. Only 5 more hours...wwwooo! WOOOO!

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