Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mostly sort of kind of drunkish

So yeah, I've had some wine. Yummy rose. Sorry I don't have the little ' thing that should go over the "e". I'm not French. I'm 'Murkin. We dont use little ' thingies. Whatcha gonna do about it? (wobbly grin.)

Just so's ya know, I'm a happy drunk. Worst I'll do to you is hug you to death, and possibly make you dance, if we are at a party. I might tell you how much I luuurve you, but only if I've known you a long time. Then we might have a really deep conversation about the nature of love and life and um, beer. Or something. I dunno.

Umm...why was I posting?

Shit, I totally don't 'member. Umm.....hmm. Teehee, she says, in a girly and totally insipid drunk girl giggle.

Ok, so I still totally don't 'member, but here's a picture or two of some shit I sold today, jewelrywise. (Jewelry is a really hard word to type when slightly drunkish...try it sometime...)

Me likey green....green...green...green...green's a wierd word when you look at it long enough. (And yes, I spell wierd wierd so just move on. Eventually the world will catch up to me on that one.)


I'm gonna go take a nice hot bath now. With bubbles. Wheeee bubbles!

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