Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things are different here

I always spend the first few days of a visit back home remarking, "God, I'm just not used to this anymore!"

So far the things I am remembering/getting used to again are:

Unlike Norway, the majority of doors here do NOT open automatically. And you look like a total goof standing in front of one, waiting for it to open on its own. I ran into one, once, because I just assumed it would open before I got to it. It didn't. Ow.

Cars are bigger, and sorry to say, way uglier here. I also have forgotten the growl of big engines and the blatting sound of a car with sport exhaust. I drag raced a Bitchin' Camaro today. I won. Audis are stealth fast.

Traffic lights are annoying. Roundabouts are a much better system.

I am doubtful when I drive into a parking lot and parking is free. I keep looking for the parking ticket machine. Free parking at the Galleria? Right outside the door? Impossible. I wandered all over the parking lot trying to find the machine. Never found it. Still feel like I got away with something.

Dollars seem much more valuable than kroners. I think nothing of spending 300 kroners, but $50 seems like alot of money. Whenever I start to freak about the cost of something, I just change it into kroners and feel better.

The smell that Mexican food leaves on your clothes and hair is very unique. And very long lasting. It actually goes through multiple layers of clothes and turns the fabric limp. Strong stuff.

Mexican food farts are the absolute worst. I'm farting myself out of the room regularly, and feel very sorry for anyone who walked into the housewares section at Target after me this morning.

It's 80 fucking degrees in Houston today. And it's 35 in Norway. I prefer the former.

Talking to strangers is lovely. And they smile at you here, too. And I've had, like, 6 little chatty small talks with folks at check out registers and the like. It's AWESOME!

When I'm in Norway, whenever I see someone wearing a t-shirt that says "Texas" on it, I HAVE to talk to them. Or at least give them a really big smile. Here, that can get you in trouble. Lots of folks are wearing Texas t-shirts. LOTS of them.

And one for the random oddity category: WHY does the shower head at my brother's house come out of the wall at chest level? In order to wash my hair, I actually have to get onto my knees. That's just WRONG. I went and bought him one of those hand-held shower heads today, because I just can't see how he gets clean in there, him being 6' 4". It's lots better now. Merry Christmas bro! I give you...water pressure!

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