Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The morning after

Dudes, sorry about the BWD (blogging while drunk). I had a pretty stressful and wierd day yesterday and all I could think of from about 3pm onwards was "Me wants a glass of wine NOW!"

And a bottle of wine saw the results.

Ahem. (shit eating grin)

I'm oddly not hung over, so that's good. It's damn cold outside now, though sunny and clear. I slept really late, well, til about 10:30. Then I was awakened by my dear husband who came home for lunch and thought it would be funny to put his cold cold hands on my nice warm butt....There I am all snug in bed and suddenly there's ice on my ass. GGAAHH!!! He was getting even with me for my nightly ritual of putting the cold feet on the warm husband. That was a nice wakeup surprise. NOT! Until then though, it was good sleeping weather. But who am I kidding? For me? Everyday is good sleeping weather.

So the rest of the week will be spent preparing for a little gathering I am having on Friday night for a select group of ladies (that group being everyone in the spouse's association). I need to round up those dust bunnies and wrestle them back into their cages. We're having a Ladies' Cocktail Evening and Fashion Night. Girl time! No boys allowed!

Then this weekend I will pack and get organized, and then Monday it's off to Texas. Yeay Texas! It will be my first Thanksgiving in four years, and I am not just a little excited. I've already chosen the elastic waisted pants I will be wearing for the occasion. Extra stretchy. But I don't think I will be drinking any of this. Ew.

After Thanksgiving I have some time to spend in Austin, taking care of some chores, catching up with friends and stuffing myself with Mexican food. I might also get to go out to my friends' ranch, which I love doing. I love the country outside Austin. Man it's great. Enchanted Rock is my "soul search" place. Where I do my spirit chasing.

It's always good to go home. I just wish I could stay there. I'm Expat-ed out.

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