Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving is the best holiday EVER. (Well, maybe besides Halloween.) I mean, YUM! I ate until I couldn't eat anymore...and then Mom put out dessert. I dare anyone to not have some 7 layer mocha cake or rocky road pie when it is presented to them. Lord, the bounty of my home country...big servings, fat people (like me!).

Even better than the turkey dinner is the next day,. with turkey and gravy sandwiches......

However, there are some turkeys you'd rather not deal with, like Time Warner Cable in Austin. I want to have some TV while i am there, so I can catch up on some pop culture. God Time Warner SUCKS. I called them, and they put me on hold before I could even say anything (hello, potential customer?) and then, when I would ask a question, they were very snippy. Well, I am asking about your services, here, I need help, and yes, I am a special case. No I don't have a home phone number, I have a CELL PHONE. And yes, that area code is different! Perhaps you could get off your high horse and be a person and help me figure this out? Yes, I would like to transfer that service...oh you tell me it's possible, but I have to go to their offices in bumfuck Austin and present myself in person to sign papers? papers that show I am "responsible for that address". And I'm like, well, shucks I left the deed to my house in NORWAY where I flew in from!!!! And when I tell you that I can't come on the day you tell me to, you say that they are "lenient" with folks like me? Lenient? what the fuck does LENIENT mean? I'm not a prisoner in jail, I am a potential customer and lenient is really not something that would apply to me, you fucking pretentious, sighing, sarcastic voiced BITCH! I'm sory you have a job in the service industry, but you do, and that would then imply that you offer me SERVICE and not SARCASM and nastiness.

Worst part of it is, Time Warner is my only cable option. Monopolistic fuckers.

I'm typing this on my Mom's iBook G4, which I am severely tempted to steal...however, even though my parents have a whole wireless network set up, it all goes into a dial up account, which to me is like having the newest, niftiest airplane in the world but two guys with bat wings tied to their arms doing the flying. So much potential power, tied to a 28k dial up account. (They can't get braodband outt here in the Ozarks.) And now Dad's logged in too, on his monster G5 desktop, and I wonder how long it will take for this to upload...well, we'll see.

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