Monday, November 07, 2005

Best Expat Article. Ever.

I've posted a few times about my frustrations with the company my husband works for, how they say they have policies in place for the spouses of their employees, and say they offer support, when it's really all just a showy website that really doesn't do much. They say they offer career counselling when it's really just a fairly non-intuitive database of jobs, none of which are suitable for any of the women I know. (I have some ideas about how to help us find jobs, but of course, they would never listen to me!) It's very frustrating when you read the company slogans of "Putting Families First" and you know it's pretty much just an exercise in PC company propaganda.

Here is an article I found that humorously, yet pointedly, explains JUST HOW I FEEL about what it's like to be an expat spouse. It's just too good. Any of you reading who are in my shoes, I dare you not to laugh out loud. Any of you who have dealt with HR and their attitudes towards the wives, you will love this.

I am happy today, just because I found this. Anyone confused as to just WHO I am in this article?

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