Saturday, November 12, 2005

If you live in Austin and are looking for something to do on Dec 8th....

The Not World Famous and definitely Not MTV Rotated Dentones will be playing the Carousel lounge in Austin on December 8th. The band, consisting of a bunch of "stain"* friends of mine, plays a smart brand of garage rock. (I guess that's what it is?) Influences include Neil Young, and, um...other stuff. I really don't know. I suck at this.

Dentones, early show at 7pm on December 8th. At the Carousel Lounge. which is worth checking out in its own right as one of the last remaining truly Austin places left in Austin. So, you're really getting two thrills for the price of one, and it's free, so what the hell are you hemming and hawing about? Just go already!

*Stain, a shortening of the word "abstain" which my friends do not do. They "stain". I stain, too.

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