Friday, November 11, 2005

Shopping Frenzy

Wow. And I mean,

I went into Oslo and checked out four H&M stores carrying the Stella McCartney line. Unlike the Lagerfeld stuff, this time the Norwegians (like the New Yorkers, apparently) were on the ball and they snapped it up but quick. Apparently, also, there was alot less of the McCartney line, in terms of how much they made and shipped out. So the selection by the time I got there was thin, to say the least.

But interesting.

Lil' Ms. Stella is once again a designer for women with small butts and big waists. Emphasis on long lean legs was the key point of this collection. There were a few pairs of very skinny-legged jeans left, some pants that came with either a wide cuffed leg or the narrow leg, and jackets in denim or in traditional blazer cuts in proportions to match those bottoms. The skinny jeans were way too skinny in the butt and thigh for me, but the waists were huge. The jackets looked like they should have been fitted and very snug, but when I put them on they hung off the waist and off my back, with about 8 inches of fabric to spare. It was a strange fit for what should have been a very tailored denim jacket. But they were beautifully made and detailed. Especially the denim ones. If they had fit me they would have been a SCORE for the price.

There were also (though I didn't get to see them all in the picked through remnants) sweaters, camisoles, dresses and some cool trenchcoats in shades of black, a sort of taupey blush, a medium blue and in just the dresses, rose.

I ended up getting a trench coat and sweater in the pinky taupe. My friend Julia got a gorgeous silk camisole in the same color. (Girls back home, I had hoped to cop a few of those for you guys, but there were NONE left. Julia only got hers because someone left it in the dressing room!) The sweater is blousy in fit, with a silk tie at the hip, the wrists and a v-neck trimmed in silk. The trench is big and poofy, with ties, belts,big pockets, epaulets, strings and much more stuff. It's fun, sort of almost like a VERY fashionable paper bag. I did also buy some skinny legged jeans, but by another designer, as Stella's just weren't working for me. They look great with the sweater and coat.

I'm sort of annoyed at myself that I didn't make it yesterday to get a better selection, but as Badger says, it was my "day two" and I just wasn't fit for shopping or being out in public.

I popped by the store in Sandvika on the way home from Oslo and they had NOTHING left except a small blue bikini and a belt. The girl there told me they sold it all out in half an hour yesterday. I'll keep checking back over the next week, as I am fairly certain people will be returning stuff. I've got my eye on a dress.....

But wow. What a retail roller coaster. Stella McCartney, hats off to you for a stellar (get it?) collection. My only complaint is (and this is a standard one) that designers (Lagerfeld did the same) tend to make stuff for a body shape that is much more boyish than mine. Not everyone has legs with a 36" inseam (and I'm almost 6 feet tall myself!)and a size 6. Some day someone will do a "Victoriana" collection and then baby, I am SO in!

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