Friday, December 02, 2005

time ticking.

I'm on a computer at the library and I have 40 minutes left and a helluva lot more stuff to do, so this will be short...ish.

So, lessee, what's up.

I'm in Austin. Beautiful glorious Austin. I'm staying at my house, where I have a bed, a tv, stereo, a toaster and a frying pan. Minimal and wonderful. It's amazing how little you need, really, to survive. Granted, the bed is fairly luxurious, but the rest of the house is echoing wood floors and walls that need painting.

The painter comes next week. Money? Eck. Money is just numbers on a page that always seem to go down, never up.

My computer is an overpriced paving brick at this point. Yeah, it works, but the hard drive is going and it took two visits of 2 hours each to two different computer gurus to have them tell me that "it won't connect to the internet". Then there was something with deleting windows entirely and restarting from scratch,that might solve the problem, but I would lose all my software, yadda yadda. Expensive inconvenient, and with the hard drive going as well, what's the point?

Dad, Dave, you may start gloating now, because I'm gettin' an iBook. Yep, this windows girl is going Mac. Look for me at a Starbucks near you blogging and getting hyped on overly sweet coffees starting next week.

The past couple of days have been all about heavy lifting, trimming bushes, reseeding the front yard and nightly complaining about how badly my body hurts after all that work. DAMN I forgot how much yard work can hurt. I've still got alot more landscaping to do, plus a half assed fixing of some floors and myriad other bits and pieces. But it's really nice to have a project (or 20). And it's also interesting how much I don't miss Norway. Yeah, I miss the hubby, of course, quite a bit, but except for him I could just not go back at all and get some furniture at Goodwill or something and live fine here. (Well, I do miss some of my clothes.) I just feel so alive and competent here. And warm......

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