Thursday, May 26, 2005

Possible Human Rights Violation?

Here is an article in Aftenposten about the deplorable state of the au pairs living in Norway. One of the quotes from the article is as follows:

"All of the girls I interviewed worked over 30 hours a week, many up to 45 hours."

Oh God NO! Everyone, we MUST do something NOW! OVER 30 HOURS A WEEK? This is just intolerable and must be stopped NOW! I'll provide the protest signs, you all meet me at the Storting tomorrow, ok? We'll protest this evil, horrible abuse of poor over-worked girls. Here's a chant: "Hey hey....ho ho....30 hours a week has got to go hey hey....ho ho....!"

The article goes on to say that these girls are forced to: "Scrub toilets, wake up in the middle of the night to comfort crying children and tons of housework, this is reality for many of them," Hovdan said."

Um....excuse me, but isn't that also called motherhood? I'm just checking here.......

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