Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Q: Weather

FQ TOPIC: Weather.

FQ1: What's an ideal day for you when it's sunny and blue skies?
Today is one such day, in fact. A nice long walk, a snooze in the sun, then in the evening steaks cooked by my husband on the grill (whilst I hover going "Hey! Don't over cook it! Are they ready yet? I like mine rare with a singed exterior!"). While at home I love to have all the windows open and the stereo on so I can dance around the house while cleaning or what ever I am doing.
If I am traveling, it still includes a long walk, and then maybe hanging out at a nice cafe somewhere, sipping a beer, people watching and just basking.

FQ2: What's an ideal day for you when it's overcast and rainy?
A book and a blanket or a movie and a blanket. A nap. Another book. A nice chili or soup for dinner with a glass of red wine.

FQ3: What's an ideal day for you when it's cold and snowy?
See "overcast and rainy". Add another blanket and a fire.

FQ FORECAST: What's the weather forecast for your area this coming weekend?
Highs in the low 60's or upper fifties. Warm spring for Norway. Partly cloudy.

What will you be doing out there in it?
Same as the rest of Norway: "Can you believe this weather? What a wonderful spring it's been! Come, we most go walking!" And so I will go walk. Or garden. Or just bask. I am a very good basker.
It's so clear outside and the way the light reflects off the fjord and the trees.......just stunning. I can see every shade of blue from navy to turquoise and every shade of green from lime to forest.

A truly beautiful day in Norway kicks the ASS of any beautiful day I have seen anywhere else in the world. Really. Just kicks ASS.

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