Tuesday, May 03, 2005

why on earth am I so nervous?

Today I am going to go look at some places to live. I am so nervous I am jiggering all about. Can't stand still.

One is a place that is not in Oslo, but in Asker and it is SO cool. It's out of our price range, but might be negotiable, and if they meet us halfway we could just about make it if I sell my car and Rich would no longer pay for the monthly train pass. He would not need it, he works in Asker.

Oh the place is so cool. I can't jinx it by saying more, but OH it's cool. Perfect place for having parties.

I will also check out two places in central Oslo. I love snooping about in living spaces, you know? Imagining the possibilities, the decoration, where furniture and stuff would go. I miss doing interior design, and the prospect of setting up a new house (I am conveniently forgetting the part where we MOVE) is a nice thing to sink my teeth into. It's nice to finally have a PROJECT to work on again.

Keep good thoughts for me. I only have one more hour to waste before my appointment.

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