Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I guess this posting can just be called a "blahg".

Not much to report. Rainy shitty cool weather. The kind you want to nap through.

Monday I bought all new bras and underwear because I realized mine were in such a sad state of repair that it was embarrassing. Especially as I used to manage a Victoria's Secret. You'd think I, of all people, would have decent undies. But no, it was to a point where if something happened that necessitated my being picked up in an ambulance, I would make them first stop by my house so I could change into the one decent pair I still owned. That I save for special occasions. Like death.....
But it's all ok, now, I can die decently clad in soft microfibers and matching sets. All bought at H&M. I must say, though, that I like my American underwear size much better than my European one. My US size is size 7. With a 36D bra. Here I'm a 42 underwear (AYIIEEE! That's 6 times bigger!) and an 80D bra size. Damn that metric system to hell. It just sounds fat.

I took the car to the Subaru dealership to see what they would offer me for it. They will try to low ball me, of course, but their lowball is so laughably high by US standards that if I can just get them a little higher, I will get more for it than I paid for it new in 1997. A new 2005 Subaru WRX here costs about 425,000 kroner, which at today's exchange rate is $66,500. When I say cars are expensive as hell, I do not lie. Mine, I found out today, is the only Subaru Impreza Outback Sport in all of Norway, so yeah for me having the freak car!
My poor baby was pouting on the way home, I just know it. She will feel abandoned when I sign her away. I hope she goes to a good home.

I booked a trip to London next week, to hang out with Karen. She's moving back to Canada end of the month. Ryan-fucking-Air for the flight, but at just over $100 round trip, it's the obvious option. I'll just pack light and take a xanax before I go, so I don't kill anyone.

I've also booked a super special, extra secret surprise trip for Rich's birthday, his 40th. I can't tell you where we are going, as he will read this, but I can say I am totally psyched about it.

And in July I will go to England again, this time on the ferry from Kristiansand with my friend Lesley, to her home town of Lewes. That should be a nice time, Lesley makes me laugh so hard I snort, and it will be a welcome break from the packing and the moving.

Can this post be any more boring?

Next post, more about Budapest, I promise.

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