Thursday, May 05, 2005


So this is the part in the suspenseful movie where in the old days you would have a fifteen minute intermission. My suspense is longer lasting, of course, waiting to hear about my future Flat That is Way Too Cool for My Goofy Ass, but I am hereby pausing that tension for a note from our sponsors.

Well, actually, I am just going to introduce you to my blogroll. I don't have many, as I only link to people I read daily. Though that list seems to grow as time goes on.

From top to bottom:
Bookhart: my dearest friend from Austin and one who knows the real me
Karla May: another dear dear friend in Austin, she can make me laugh until I shoot beer out my nose. She just adopted a baby girl from Russia. Just last week!
Dave: his blog is completely great, his rants RULE and I love his little cartoons.
Greg: an old high school buddy who now lives in Austin and, among other things, writes for the Austin Chronicle. It's a small damn world.
Fug: my daily bitch fix
Manolo: the shoe blogger, (though I think he focuses on high heels too much). I love his comments on celebrities
Vivi: my first expat blogger crush. She's somebody I wanna have at a sleepover, you know? All popcorn and movies and girl talk?
Ben: my Australian connection. He's young but he knows who he is and I like his world view.
Meg: you never forget your first (blog). She doesn't post often, but digging thru her site can take DAYS, and it's all brilliant.
Dan: I'm too scared to post a comment on his blog. I just lurk. His posts are wicked funny. Seems like really nice guy, too.
FoFuSa: American in Sweden, she is also invited to my sleepover. Cool chick, indeed.
Badger: A Texan, her writing makes me snort with laughter. I MUST get drunk with this woman.
Sylvana: She recomended my blog on her review list, which shows her excellent taste. She also has a blog lampooning stupid quotes made by famous people, I love it.
Kjersti: My Norwegian blogging pal, and my next door neighbor on the Euroblogs ring.
Tracey: Another American in Sweden, and a hugely talented photographer. She's invited to the sleepover as well.
Theresa: American in Norway. She has a knitting blog, which is way more interesting than you would ever expect. Trust me on this one. Knitting is COOL.
Okapi: She's Scottish, and her descriptions of her wayward undergarments have made me snort milk out my nose. She'll be the one at the sleepover spilling the beer. Which is usually my job.
Waiter: Don't know him, but he's a really good, if sometimes overly self conscious, writer.
Wil: Wesley on Star Trek, Next Generation. His is sort of the Uber Geek Blog.
TurboSlut: Ain't no slut at all, she's a thoughtful and interesting blog writer and creator of the Creme de le Creme blog ring.
Last Girl: She's new in my blog world, a musician in NYC, with a great world view. You can see that she just enjoys life to its hilt. Plus, as Last Girl, she's perfect for this spot on my blogroll!

So, did you get your popcorn, run to the toilet and meet all my blog buddies?

Ok then, back to the movie of my life.


It's actually a kind of boring movie, now that I think of it. The intermission is much more entertaining. Go back there. I'll just stew in my own juices for a while, and wait for Dave to put up the Friday Q.

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