Thursday, May 19, 2005

She's Baaa-aacck!

I'm back from Budapest.

Just got back a few minutes ago.

We had a great time, what an interesting city! And Budapest is CHEAP. I found it hard to spend money. I repeat, I (Queen Shopper) found it hard to spend money. Oh, shit, I have to pick my Mom up off the floor, she just fainted at that statement. But yes, the shopping still is not quite up to the usual EU standards, and prices are really cheap, so it was hard to go nuts and spend too much. Plus Hungarian money? Wierd. 200 forints to the dollar, and I can tell you that 1000 forints ($5.00) goes a helluva long way. Rich and I got two glasses of wine at a borozo (Soviet style wine bar) for 250 forints....but more on the borozo later.

The lack of internet cafes in Budapest is complete and distressing in the extreme. The one I did manage to find consisted of two ancient computers (do the numbers 486x mean anything?), one of which was broken, the other being used by a very smelly, moist fat man looking at porn. I did not stay. So sorry for my silence of late.

I am a bit pooped, so will make this a short post, with more to come tomorrow and days following, but will leave you with this vivid piece of travel information:

Toilet paper in Budapest is not so much quilted as it is corrugated. If you like soft paper, I suggest bringing your own sandpaper or butcher paper, it would be a vast improvement over the usual stuff provided in toilets everywhere.

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