Monday, May 02, 2005

fifteen minutes

This week I have started the search for a new place to live. But I seem to be running into some problems.

I found a few places I like online, thru and called around to see when I could see them. Unlike in the US, when you can just call and make an appointment that suits, some of these realtors set up specific times to open the place to the public. These are called "visnings" or viewings. They are not flexible. It's like an open house. It would seem to be a workable system, except:

The visnings I am seeing advertised are only once, and are VERY short. There is one tomorrow that I am going to,that lasts from exactly 7:15-7:45. That's half an hour. There is another place I am interested in, that has a visning set for June 9, for 15 minutes. Yeah, you heard me, FIFTEEN MINUTES. Seriously, here is the link. So what, are we all supposed to rush over and wait around until they let us all in at once, and then rush us all back out? WTF?

Plus when I call these realtors, they either hang up on me, put me off or don't call me back. I have sent 5 emails and not gotten responses. When I say that I want to see a place and that I do have a good budget AND a company sponsored lease, they STILL blow me off. I thought the idea of a realtor was to get people IN to rent a place, not scare them off? I am confused and not a little frustrated. Am I doing something wrong? Am I being too American?

We are supposed to be working thru a relocation/housing company used by Rich's employer, but I am impatient, and I really like looking at places, so that's why I have set up some of my own viewings. I just thought it would be more fun, and less hassle, you know? But maybe I am only supposed to go through the housing company and not do any of it myself? How do normal people do it? I'm supposed to meet with the relocation person on Friday, and she seems really nice. Between that and what I will rush to see tomorrow, I have some hope of finding a decent place fairly soon, even with the absolute lameness of the realtors I am dealing with.

I just wish the visnings were a little longer......

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