Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Take On Star Wars

So tonight we saw the last (third, what the fuck EVER) Star Wars movie. I can break it down into good, bad, annoying, and cool. And one over-arching piece of advice.

Good: Seeing how Darth Vader became Darth Vader. I found that very affecting, when he was all burnt and stuff, and was put into the suit. And after he was told he killed Padme (which I took as a lie, as he didn't kill her THEN, she died later of a broken heart) that totally sealed him into the dark side for sure. (Would for me, too, honestly.)
Also good, getting more story than in I and II. I read in Entertainment Weekly, that III had 60% of the "prequel"story, which left the other 40% to be spread around I and II. Goes a long way to explain Jar Jar Binks, time waster that he was.

Bad: 80% of the dialog.

Annoying: How Padme, formerly this strong kick ass girl, suddenly, due to love and pregnancy, becomes the whiniest, weepiest goober I've ever seen. Ugh. A study in how not to do romance.

Cool: The fight with Grievous, when he had four light sabers.

Advice: Hayden Christiansen? WASH YOUR HAIR!!!! PLEASE!!!!! What was UP with that horrible hair you were sporting? Were there budget cuts at LucasFilm and your hairdresser had to go? Oh My God, boy, DO something about that, PLEASE! (Nice pecs and stomach though, rowr.)

I noticed, in the theatre, that the usually noisy and restive Norwegians sat perfectly still, and, to my great surprise, NO ONE left to go to the bathroom. Not even the very pregnant woman sitting next to me. She was, however, pretty eager to get out of there when it ended.

Overall, I give it 6.5 out of 10 stars. Points deducted for some unsuspended disbelief, the dialog and whiny-assed Padme.

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