Friday, June 01, 2007

floating away on my own ark

It's done nothing but rain all week. Rain. Dreary greyness. Clouds. And cold. Bloody cold. Cold breezes. Cold wind. Cold. Wet. For a week straight.
I'm about to claw my eyes out. I am so tired of wearing jackets and rain gear and warm socks and having frizzy rain hair. Ugh. I just want SUMMER and WARMTH.
So, I am building an Ark. An Evil Party Ark. Or, maybe more aptly, A Slightly Naughty, Perhaps Even Baudy, Fun Boat with Lots of Alcohol and Soft Squishy Beds. On it will only be people I like, lots of beer, roasted cashews (my new favorite snack), waffles with sour cream and raspberry jam, and quesadillas. Everyone can do whatever they want, but they all have to bring lots of beer (wine's ok too, but only good wine) and extra supplies of the above mentioned snacks. The beds will be really nice, that is one thing I don't skimp on, even on a homemade Ark. And the toilet paper will be high quality as well. I won't tolerate sore arses on MY ark.
A selection of DVD's will be provided, of course, right now I am thinking 'Weeds' seasons 1 & 2 and anything by Joss Whedon.
My ark will, of course, have free wireless and coffee at all hours. First stop..... Amsterdam, because if we are all going to be stuck on a smallish (hey, building materials are expensive and I am not letting just ANYONE on my Ark) boat with lots of munchies, soft beds and good stuff to watch, don't you think we should first go to Amsterdam?

**Next Day:
They forecast SUN all week and say that summer is here! Well, we'll see. At least it's not raining right now......

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