Thursday, June 28, 2007

can't even read it anymore.

It's gotten to the point where I just can't read anything having to do with the Bush White House anymore. It makes reading the news almost impossible. From Cheney and wiretapping to that prosecutor's firing deal, and the veto of stem cell research and then they rejected a taxpayer suit regarding the faith based initiatives, I despise everything our government represents.

So as I read it:

As taxpayers who support the government with our hard earned money, we have no actual rights to say where that money goes.
I won't even go into why the government funding faith based initiatives is just a bad idea.

The justice system is rigged to support whatever Bush wants. And the rest of the system (Congress, etc.,) can just suck it as far as the White House is concerned.

The government can listen in one our most private conversations at any time without our knowledge.

A research initiative that might save lives is rejected by a president who has killed hundreds of thousands in a senseless war, on the grounds that he is saving lives.

Fuck it, I need a drink. I'm just gonna go read about Paris Hilton some more. I hate her, but i hate her way less than Bush.

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