Monday, June 11, 2007

Dress a Day

Well, so far so good on my Dress A Day for Summer plan. (Unless I decide to wear pants or a skirt, of course.) To recap last week's sartorial variety:

Mon: Gold/white floral silk jacquard skirt and top from Noa Noa (bought on sale, natch). The top is a short sleeved peplumed affair and the skirt a basic a-line. Comfy.

Tues: Purple/lilac "maxi dress" bought 4 years ago in London. Frock by Leona Edmiston, ever heard of her? Long, stretchy knit floral fabric, sort of peasant-y looking. Bought it for 90% off at Browns, this uber-posh joint off Bond street. It is a dress that needs a very specific body type, which I have, but which is probably why it was on sale. . Tall, curvy, not too fat or too skinny, though I only wear it on "skinny" days. This dress needs curves to fill it in but only has room for so much. I have to wear heels with it or it hits the floor. Platforms work quite nicely with it, thanks.

Wed: Wore my favorite skirt that I "stalked" last summer (you can see it left, there, when I wore it in Berlin at Charlottenburg palace) until it finally went on sale to where I could afford it. By Malene Birger, butterfly print, very long full skirt. Looks great with a tank and I have a cute scarf that I wear Euro-style with it.

Thurs: Turquoise linen halter dress I got three years ago at H&M. It fits so great, has a just below knee length pencil skirt fit on bottom. I always get compliments when I wear it and it cost me about $35. I also got one in brown. Need to fit that one into the schedule.

Fri: Double dress day! Dress 1) white with yellow embroidery edged in black, cotton, halter dress with circle skirt, knee length. Backless, so the the only bra I could find to wear with it was my bikini top. (Girls do that here in summer, wear swimming suit tops as bras, it's a very casual summer environment, especially during a heat wave.) The fabric kind of reminds me of a very cute and sunny sofa. Trust me, cuter than it sounds.
Dress 2)(I sweat thru number 1, it was like 93 that day) Ancient barn-red Ann Taylor halter dress that ties in the back with a complicated string arrangement. I used to forgo the bra with that one, but that bikini thing worked so well I did it again. The dress is ankle length, full skirt.

Sat: Hungover as hell but managed to wear a grey smock waisted dress I got at H&M.

Sun: Wore shorts all day as cleaned and exercised.

Today: Black linen dress from, you guessed it, H&M. Fits very nicely through the waist, hits just below the knee, sleeveless button front, a line. Simple, comfy, flattering. Dressed it up with leopard print belt.

Tomorrow: Will have to wear pants (suit) as am in meetings all day. However, wearing a very cool looking suit I got at H&M, linen, very full legged high waisted pants and matching short jacket. There is this one section of H&M that has sort of "advanced" fashion, and I hit it but hard. That is the only place I can find full pants and sort of funky, out of the ordinary stuff you don't see on everyone. Sometimes they really have horrible stuff, but if you check often enough and know where to look, man there are some SCORES to be had. Most of it in the $50 range....woo!

It got to 95 degrees yesterday, fyi.

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